Intolerance – ‘a Myth and fear of Unknown’


   This article was written by Priyam Jain a student of  National Law University Odisha

In India, Intolerance can be called word of the year 2015. Every Indians have this hefty word on their tongue in 2015. One word dominated many newspaper headlines and Televisions News created roar in the country.

Nothing happen sudden in the country, everything has cause and effect and it can be quoted in the phrase – “When lighted match stick comes in contact with gun powder causes explosion” the same Intolerance in India. Every country is Intolerant so do India but before pointing out India Intolerant, examine USA which has Donald Triumph and his supporters, Republican Party, Guantanamo bay and so on. Then again, France which is creating a lot of tension among Muslim citizen because of its bad policies. On the other hand Australia and its bigot conduct towards its Indian residents. Before labelling India as an oddity with absence of tolerance, take an adroit take a look at its intense differences and think how regardless of this assorted qualities in society, dialect and religion each national of this nation work, live and impart to individuals from various states, standings, religions and accents.

The objection against “Intolerance” is completely unjustified. For sure, India has had a tragic reputation of shared mobs previously, then after the before Independence. In any case, nobody can deny that everything has been finished by each Central and state government to secure the rights and benefits of all minorities. The privilege to the right to speak freely and expression ensured by our Constitution does not, shockingly, force the obligation to precisely look at the actualities and the law before saying or accomplishing something that causes genuine harm to the notoriety of India. The disastrous presence of a couple of narrow minded Indians does not make India prejudiced — a refinement that our highly artists and politicians make.

There has been a significant media glare on incidences of religious and caste based intolerance in the country. Dadri Lynching and the beef bans preceded by another campaign by the intelligentsia, termed as rabid anti-BJP leftists by the BJP, of returning of awards conferred upon them by the nation. A string of writers, authors and scientists have put their weight behind this movement along with historians and the Sahitya Academy.

The problem with this movement is it smacks of short-sightedness. These awardees have been around for long enough to see what the nation has been through. They have seen riots, lynching, corruption, terror attacks, and human rights violations. Nothing can be further from the truth that India is an epitome of peaceful and tolerant existence. The incidences of late are being magnified and blown out of proportion. No wonder the killings of people who eat beef or the murder of activists is condemnable. We didn’t get used to these reports in the media, have the writers, scientists and historians not seen the Sikh riots of 1984, Ayodhya 1992, Godhra 2002, innumerable corruption scandals? Where was this conscience then? Intolerance is not on a rise. It is the media that has jumped upon such incidences and projected an image that such incidences are uncommon when in fact such murders and lynching were so common that it never got reported by the mainstream media. Are the awardees so short-sighted that they do not realize a media-generated incident when it is staring them in the face or is there a deeper political controversy that is behind this?

The question is not whether the BJP is behind this or whether the RSS is communal, it is media that is exaggerating so as to take the administration’s thunder on issues that it some way or another passed up a great opportunity in the previous decades in this way making this picture we are turning into a narrow minded society on account of the present foundation. Exaggeration not on account of the rates are miniscule to the point that they don’t merit media consideration however they have been given unbalanced reel time than the point of reference set by the media itself.

Nation becomes intolerant if its common masses become intolerant. There are so many of us who have Muslim, Christian or Sikh friends. Do we not treat them in the same way as we do other fellows of our own religion? Do we not help a Muslim or a Christian or a Sikh in times of natural as well as man-made disasters or in times of need? Do the defence forces take in only Hindus for defending a pre-dominantly Hindu nation?

We are world’s minimum inventive nation yet we made the least expensive journey to Mars. We are world pioneers in disorderly reusing and repairing. We are champions of multi-reason use of gadgets. The best sample is the manner by which we utilize our railroad tracks for mass sanitation and utilize the excreta as manure for developing vegetables.  Incomprehensibly, we have the most exceedingly bad arranged urban cities with shocking nature of sanitation, drinking water and cleanliness. We have given Yoga and Ayurveda to the world yet have high rates of malnutrition in our general public. We are the world’s second most populated nation and unexpectedly additionally have a background marked by forced sterilization.

We are a nation of the world’s oldest texts in Vedas yet don’t have a legitimate recorded history. We are additionally a nation of the Emergency, of scholarly and innovative bans. We additionally execute individuals who attempt to defend famous thoughts. We don’t endure animals sitting in the middle of the street; we acknowledge them as a component of our urban scene. In a great deal of Indian urban areas, monkeys live uninhibitedly. Tourists discover them threatening and throw stones at them while local people live with them with an unexplainable comprehension and respect, treating them like descendants of Lord Hanuman.

We need to each considered hostile to national kicked out of India while needing our youngsters to concentrate abroad. We need the administration to bring social equity yet search for a fair , taught, refined, adapt families values, lady with great dowry .We need the legislature to give us ‘Acche din’ while we evade Taxes.

We want to loathe the rich additionally need to end up rich. We take pride in our effortlessness yet do foul shows of riches at our kids’ weddings. We have faith in rebirth; however our funerals are so sensational.

Our Constitution indicates our rights and their degree yet we think everything is our privilege: from pointless blaring to spitting in broad daylight spots to eve-teasing a young lady to ragging youngsters. Numerous individuals trust it’s their entitlement to hurt others, to make it troublesome for others and if the need be, even murder others. As a nation, despite everything we invest years debating the explanations behind slaughters and mobs however never consider anybody responsible. It’s alright for us to take, to reward, to lie, to be a fraud and to be ceaselessly late. No one has a reasonable perspective of whether not remaining for National Anthem is our privilege or throwing the insubordinate viewer out of the silver screen corridor is our privilege. Liberalism is characterized by assaulting and ridiculing the majority while secularism is practiced by mollifying the minority. We make Gods out of our cricketers yet revile them when they fail to score runs. We revile God for killing people in the Chennai rains and pray the same God for our well being.

We have a great many Gods, yet we live in a hell. If you travel length and expansiveness of India intersection its city, Kasbahs and gaon, toward the end of your adventure, you would feel as though India is a concentrated presentation of the whole world’s issues. Poverty, hunger, unemployment, swelling, uprising, political distress, absence of essential courtesies such as drinking water and power, lodging, pestilences, dry spells, surges, kicking the bucket streams, terrorism, social abuse, ladies security, exploitative media, factional governmental issues, unreported wrongdoings, bigotry, sexism, fetal killings, child labour, provincial, social and financial divergence, inefficient public sector, unbalanced training, coal mafia, water mafia, religious violations, abhor wrongdoings, digital wrongdoings—you name an issue, it exists here. Another issue is arises daily. To top everything, individuals need to continually manage mosquitoes, diseases, dengue, uncovered streets and defers in practically everything, extending from trains to court cases. Yet, we live together.

“Amidst all this, India is overwhelming and people travel here to discover peace.”

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