A child born is adapted numerous qualities and characteristics. The society acts as a mirror for the development of a child. The fast and impatient era impacts a child eventually. When a child comes to the stage of adolescence, the societies’ expectations increases. The world today has decorated itself by the technology. The ease of accomplishment of task has become much easier and convenient. One gets more fascinated towards adoption of technology. An adolescent mind is like sponge, It absorbs every essence of the society. Due to this reason the mental phase of juvenile encompasses a broader sense of maturity, without the knowledge of good and bad. Law abiding has become underdog to rule breaking.

 India is a home to the largest number of children when compared to other countries as 40% population comprises of peoples under 18 years of age, thus it ought to be legislated with some meaningful juvenile laws. Thus, the juvenile laws in our country must be more toward s providing rehabilitation to the child rather than ruthlessly punishing them.

Juveniles are more fascinated towards technology. Easy access to data on internet drives a tender mind towards information that is unsuitable to know. Due to the exposure of technology, the juveniles are absorbing the essence of violence. The spark becomes fire due to psychological changes based on causes like displacement and separation from the nearer ones, witness death and destruction, severe Injury and / or starvation due to war, etc. Therefore, juveniles are running forefront of the international agenda.

Terrorism is a kind of virus that has crept in people to revenge for the certain deeds by threatening the civilians, creating pressure against the political and religious institutions.  It does not have any ideology except assassinating people or threatening them for the life after death .Terrorism is the unauthorized and unofficial use of arms and ammunitions in pursuit of political aim to cause massive destruction.  In present scenario , terrorism has effected almost every nation in the world. The saddest overact of terrorism was the attack of 9/11 of World trade center in United States of America and the Mumbai Taj Attack on 26/11.

The terrorists that are working against humanitarian grounds have excelled in using technologies to such an extent that they have the best upgraded ammunitions and weapons to kill people who hinder their motives. They have the best of technological uses around the world. They do not operate singularly but are active around the world in multiples. They, as individuals work in an organization as the most dedicated loyal employees in order to generate funds and create a large possible network around the world. The team of terrorists does not consist of specifically illiterate people but highly qualified people who help them arrange funds for their missions and attract juveniles for accomplishing their motives. The juveniles get tempted to indulge themselves into terrorism, primarily because of social attributes like religion and politics and secondarily because of personal discrepancies on family front and other matters.

The post- cold war period can be characterized by sharp decline in the number of wars among nation-states, and rise of non-state actors in propelling non-conventional warfare and conflicts. As highlighted by Huntington the contours of emerging conflicts have been shaped more by culture and civilization than any other concerns. Terrorism is an ideal example for this. Terrorism has been interpreted differently: as a strategy, as a crime and as a holy duty. The escalation of terrorism has been accomplished by corresponding rise in use of cyberspace as a geopolitical and tactical tool.

The recent advancement of science and technology has positively influenced all walks of human life. In contrast it has also proved to be a catalyst for the act to terrorism. Terrorists are now using structured and deliberate strategies to recruit and radicalize juveniles. Internet platform and social media is being pragmatically used to circulate fallacious propaganda, in an Endeavour to maximize their reach. This exploitation of juveniles by terrorists is strategic move, as they are impressionable easier to indoctrinate and appear less suspicious; hence using them is more advantageous.

For long, juveniles have been protected by the law,; due to their age, they have escaped with a slap on the  wrist, even for committing serious crimes. But turning a blind eye on their culpability has only led to them to be deducing into picking up the sword for misconceived ideologies.

The terrorist, who being a non-state actor is not bound by the obligations lay down by the state, and has been using the cyberspace as a mean to fulfill its end to challenge state’s authority and legitimacy. Cyberspace and terrorism both throw severe challenges to state’s sovereignty and autonomy.

Juveniles, being emotionally one of the most volatile and desiring demographic sections of our society, fall on to trap of terrorism and the cyberspace. Tall claims of terrorists induce them to get attracted towards formers’ activities. The glare of cyberspace multiplies the impact. The leaders of various terrorist groups are well aware of the immaturity, insensibility and hyper-activeness of the juveniles and their inclination toward the technology and cyber world, which the terrorist groups use as a tool by manipulating the juveniles. In the process, Juveniles’ vital rights intentionally and unintentionally get impacted.

 ISIS and BOKO HARAM are using children as soldiers and suicidal bombs respectively. The children of the Islamic state are being kidnapped to be used for completing the missions. Training camps are being set up for such kids. Children of these states are even attracted towards these groups by technology. The video and games relate to terrorism is a way of alluring kids towards the terrorists groups. The terrorists’ groups’ uses juveniles and technology in the best possible way to carry out their missions all over the world and the rise of child terrorism is a new threat to the government and counter terrorism organizations which aims to get rid of terrorism from their nation’s borders.

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