about me dev




DEVASHISH JAIN (Co-Founder & Research Head)

He is a Law student, who loves to research and want to know as much as he can.He had been actively participating in various National and international conferences, consultations and debates.His area of interest lies in Taxation laws.Other than that he like to play Guitar and watch movies whenever he can find the time for the same

KANISHKA JAIN (Co-Founder & Editor-in-chief)

She is a law student with great leadership and teamwork skills. She has great knowledge about English and knows all the bits and technicality of the same. She is a profound speaker and has participated in many debating competition. Her area of interest in law is Public Law with special reference to Family Law. She has keen interest in uplifting the weaker section of the society.

Vaibhav Popli (Co-Founder & Managing Director)

He is a Law student, with great efficiency in managing all the work. He has been actively participating in various National and College level debating competitions. His area of interest in law is Criminal Law. Besides that he even loves photography. 


ANJALI SIDDHU (Co-Founder & Chief Organizing Officer)

She is a law graduate having profound interest in Intellectual Property Law. She has great writing & drafting skills. She is an active debater and have participated in numerous events, a hard working girl who thrives to work for social welfare. Besides that she loves to read newspaper to stay updated about everything that is happening in the world.